Ecology Project

      El Salvador’s 191 miles of Pacific coastline provide key nesting ground for four imperiled sea turtle species: Hawksbills, Leatherbacks and Green and Olive Ridley sea turtles.  Hawksbills were thought to be extinct until scientists discovered them nesting in the mangroves and beaches of El Salvador’s Jiquilisco Bay. 

      Izote is providing critical support for sea turtle conservation in the Jiquilisco Bay by teaming up with the Mangrove Association.  The Mangrove Association is a grassroots community organization working to achieve environmental sustainability and economic security for over 90 marginalized communities.  They provide the financial and technical resources needed to foster a locally led vision for sea turtle conservation. 

      Traditionally families living by the Jiquilisco Bay have relied on the collection and sale of sea turtle eggs as a source of income.  Through the Mangrove Association’s provision of conservation education and employment opportunities, communities have learned to protect the eggs of imperiled sea turtles. Locals now gather the eggs from the unprotected nests and bring them to community run hatcheries, where after incubation the hatchlings are released into the ocean. 

      Izote’s support has kept over 44,000 sea turtle eggs from underground market consumption and enabled them to hatch and be released into the sea.

 Please help us protect the ecological balance of El Salvador’s Pacific coastline and the preservation of sea turtles.